Amulet 8 and 9

Since the most frequently asked question that I receive is “are you working on Amulet 8?” I figured I should give everyone a definitive answer. Yes. I am currently working on Amulet volumes 8 and 9. They are the final two books in the series, and they will bring the journey of the Hayes family to an end. The 8th book is already shaping up to be the most challenging project I have ever worked on, and I am excited for the opportunity to try and make it one of the best graphic novels ever made. Thank you, readers, for all of your support and patience! Without you this journey would never have been possible, and I want to make sure the final chapters live up to all of your expectations, and hopefully surpass them. For more frequent updates be sure to follow the Bolt City twitter account (@boltcity) where I often post progress updates!