Daisy Kutter Books Are Here!

Daisy Kutter - 4000 copies

The Daisy Kutter Kickstarter books have arrived and they look great! We’re currently getting all of our fulfillment processing set up (scale, labels, packing material, etc.) and we will be having a book shipping “party” very soon! I’m also still working to finish up the original art requests.

Thank you, everyone, for your patience! In an age where we are so used to getting things instantaneously, it is difficult to have to wait for a product, so we really do appreciate everyone’s patience on this. We have also been receiving orders via paypal on the website, and those will be fulfilled along with the Kickstarter packages. We’re still learning how to best do all of this as we go, so please excuse the dust. I’m confident by the time the last boxes are being shipped out, we’ll have a much better grasp on how to handle the process.

Box of Daisy Kutters