The Steady Climb Back…

Some of you already know this, but I recently had a pretty intense bout with bacterial meningitis (2 weeks in the hospital, and 3 weeks recovering at home), and have been working to get my memory (and life) back.  Things have been progressing steadily, but I’m still not 100 percent.  I remember important events in my life -and what generally happens over the course of each day – but I often forget what pants or shirt I’m wearing.  I suppose we never really pay close attention to these types of things, but since I always felt I had a very good memory, things like this really leave me feeling disconcerted. (Amy says I’m now like Dory from Finding Nemo)  I’ve been told by family and friends that I am doing better by leaps and bounds each day, and I am working hard to get back in the saddle as soon as I can.  I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the doctors, nurses, family, and friends that worked tirelessly to keep me alive.  When I see the looks on their faces, I know the situation was intense, and when I hear about what happened, I’m really glad I can’t remember most of it.

Amulet 5, Daisy Kutter, Scholastic Book Fair

Things like this, however, really brighten my day!  We received the early proofs for the new printing of Daisy Kutter: The Last Train, the full-color 1st printing of Amulet 5: Prince of the Elves, and a catalog for the upcoming Scholastic Book Fair with my goofy face on the cover (I think I have eyeliner on).  The packages all came at once, right when I was starting to come back to the office to work.  A very nice surprise after a difficult couple of months.