Beast Boxing 3D

My friends and studiomates Gordon Luk and Khang Le just finished their first big iPhone game: Beast Boxing 3D.  Gordon handled the programming/design while Khang provided the artwork and 3D models/animation.  Additional animation provided by Chris Lalli, Adam Gillespie, and Chris Cannavo.  We’ve been playing the game at our studio for a long time now, and I’m happy that more people will finally be able to see how much fun it is.  Beast Boxing 3D is now available in the app store, and you can find it here.

Beast Boxing 3D’s back story…

Gordon and I actually met while playing Halo 3.  We played regularly with a small group of friends that included “Emotion” Eric Wu, Richard Pose, and my brother-in-law Tim Ganter.  While playing, we found out that Gordon (who was just quitting his job at Yahoo) was moving to our town, so Tim invited him to come visit our studio.  Soon enough, he was working here in our space, consulting for clients like During this time, Gordon showed an interest in developing games.  My friend Khang Le was also just leaving his job at Intel to move into our studio to begin working on his own games.  Gordon and Khang met, talked about creating a boxing game for the iPhone, and the production process began.  Jason and I happily provided them with hours of game testing while working on Amulet 3.  During this time, we grew to be real fans of the game and have been eagerly awaiting its release.  Now it’s here!

Please go and support our friends on their first independent game release.  Not only will you be supporting the studio (and two of the nicest and most talented people on the planet), but you’ll be getting what I think is by far the best boxing game on the iPhone.  It also looks great upscaled on the iPad!

Here is a feature article on the game at TouchArcade.  And again, you can check the game out for yourself right here.