Amulet 2 Signing This Saturday

Amulet 2

This Saturday, I will be speaking about the creation of Amulet 2, as well as signing books and prints.  The book’s co-colorists Jason Caffoe, Anthony Wu, and my wife Amy will also be signing at the event.  For more information check out the event listing at Gallery Nucleus.

This is also the final week to register for my Storytelling class, which begins next Tuesday.  For anyone looking to write and produce their own books, this is a great way to help get your thoughts organized and start moving toward finishing your final projects.  We’ll mostly be focusing on the storytelling part of the craft, but there will also be plenty of discussion about comic book/graphic novel production methods.  To sign up, click here.

PAX photos…

Here are some pictures taken during our recent trip to the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX).  Thanks again to Robert, Mike, and Jerry for inviting us up there and giving us media passes.  We had a ton of fun checking out the new games and great panels.  I even got in a few games of Halo in the freeplay room.  If I were still a kid, PAX would have been a dream come true.


L to R: Ben Zhu of Gallery Nucleus, Chris Killian, my brother Taka, and Jason Caffoe.  My longtime friend Chris showed us around Seattle on our first day.  What a great city.  And it was wonderful for Taka and me to be able to hang out with Chris and his wife Jade for the weekend.  Aside from checking out PAX, seeing Chris and Jade was the reason we were in Seattle.

Dudes in Seattle

Here Taka plays Starcraft 2, the game that may likely take over his life next year.

Jason playing Scribblenauts.  I have to admit that this game was even more fun than I anticipated.

This was a strange way to promote a game, but it was definitely entertaining to watch people get thrown off.  Click here for video.


Our last night’s dinner at a Seattle pub called Quinn’s.  Excellent food and beer.  Thanks again to Chris and Jade for showing us around town and being great hosts.  We had a great time on this trip! 

Now it’s time to work around the clock till the end of the year for me.  With Amulet 3, my Courier story for Flight 7, the upcoming workshop, and the arrival of little Juni in November, the end of this year should be pretty interesting around here.