Back from Seattle

I just got back from Seattle where I attended the 2009 Penny Arcade Expo and visited my good friends Chris and Jade Killian.  Just realized I forgot my camera at home, so I’ll post photos and PAX notes tomorrow.  In the meantime, Amulet 2 has been getting some nice reviews.  Here are two that are very well-written.  The first review, by Gary Tyrell at Fleen, offers a great analysis of the book.  The film analysis geek in me got really excited to read this one.  The second review is by a book review blogger named Tanya, who is also a mother and B&N children’s bookseller.  I was happy to hear that the Amulet books introduced her and her family to graphic novels.

By the way, a huge congratulations to Jerry Holkins of Penny Arcade.  Not only for the successful event this weekend, but for the arrival of his new baby girl.