SDCC 2008

photo by Debbie Huey

We’ve been back from the Comic-Con for almost a week now, but the dust is still only beginning to settle.  Many of our Flight friends stayed in LA after the convention and we’ve been having a great time hanging out with them.  It’s always so sad to see everyone go home.

This year’s event was probably the most relaxed and well-organized one so far.  Staying at a hotel in close proximity to the convention center was a huge plus, and we had some great new helpers behind the table, with Pat Race, Amy’s brother Tim, and her mom Sunni lending booth master Johane Matte a hand.  Tim has been posting some videos of the event at his blog.

Now that we’re mostly settled back into the studio, Amulet 2 is on the front burner again. I’ll try to blog about some of the progress…