Hermit Mode

I’m currently in hermit mode right now, finishing up my work commitments, most notably Amulet. When I get in this state, I first notice that it’s become difficult to form sentences when making conversation, as if I am trained to think only in comics form. I wonder if my friends realize my brain is reeling in thoughts of robots, rabbits, monsters, mazes, and how I will incorporate them into an effective emotional context, while I nod politely and do my best to keep up with everyday conversation. Internet, will you forgive me if I leave Copper to rest a while so I can focus on making Amulet very juicy and delicious? I’ll need the momentum. Thank you.

By the way, remember that post about how I had a eureka moment and thought I had scripted the rest of the book in one sitting, and that book was good?  Well, I realized after spending a week drawing 30 pages of it that I made a mistake.  I ended up scrapping those pages and the rest of the script for a smaller, more focused approach to the tale.  I’ll document this painful affair in detail when I finish the book.  For now, all is well and I’m chugging along on the second half of my journey through this story.  Amy gave me a big hug and thumbs up when she read the new pages, so it’s good to see I’m hobbling back onto the path.

Oh, and for those who sent me email in the past day or so, Gmail has been acting funny lately and I suspect it ate my messages, so please resend…