Copper Books and Amulet 3

Copper Books

I’ve been away from the computer the past few weeks to focus on inking pages and taking care of Juni (who is doing great!), so it’s time to catch up on my blogging.  First off, if you want more detailed and frequent updates, please follow my twitter account.  It allows me to post updates during my short breaks without pulling time away from work, so it’s very convenient.  I’ll incorporate a twitter update box on the front page as soon as Amulet 3 is complete.

The Copper books arrived in the mail just around the time Juni was born, so it was pretty much one of the best weeks ever. Not only did we see the arrival of our beautiful baby boy, but we have a nice new book to add to the library.  The Copper books look absolutely fantastic, and it probably has the nicest production values of any book I’ve worked on.  Phil Falco, David Saylor, and Sheila Keenan at Scholastic did a great job on this, and I can’t wait to see how people like the final product.  It will be available in January through Scholastic Graphix, alongside Raina Telgemeier’s wonderful graphic novel Smile, and the first volume of Jake Parker’s super fun Missile Mouse.

The Copper book has also received its first award!  It was named as a Junior Library Guild Selection for Fall 2009, along with Jeff Smith and Charles Vess’s Rose.

Amulet 3 inked

The image above is what I have been working on since Juni arrived.  Amulet 3 is pretty much entirely inked, with maybe about 2-3 pages to redraw today after dialogue edits.  I’m really excited to be joining Jason and Anthony on the colors tomorrow.  Here we go onto the final stretch!

In other news, Booklist asks kids what books they are most eager for, and Amulet 3 shows up amongst pretty good company!  Also, Paste Magazine has named Flight Volume 1 to their list of best graphic novels of the decade, at number five!