Good, clear communication is essential to every facet of our lives.  When a person communicates something honest and empathic, we can spot it, just as we can sense a person’s fear.  One can almost read a person’s mind when you see them talk, read their writing, view their drawings, or simply study their body language.  This is something that is essential to being a good storyteller.  If I work on any one skill more than any other, it is this ability to read people and communicate my observations honestly in my own work.

For the past several years, I’ve been watching politics very closely.  In the current race for the Democratic nomination, we have two candidates that offer a very strong contrast between good and bad communication skills, and a balance between faith and fear.  By just watching the New Hampshire post-election speeches by the two candidates (click for: ClintonObama) it is pretty clear who is the better communicator, and a good communicator is what this country needs as its spokesperson and leader.  I also recommend doing more homework and watching and reading as much about these two candidates as you can before next Tuesday, when California votes in its primary (along with quite a few other states).  Now, you can probably tell who I’m leaning towards here, so I’m going to link to this speech as well, because it’s uncommonly good.