The Sprint

Ahhh, it feels good to be drawing again. After nineteen drafts of the revised script, I’m content with the story details, and I’m back at the drawing table cranking out the pages. It seems that after my unintended detour (the 60+ scrapped penciled pages), I’m more than a little behind in my schedule. The good news is that it seems I got a little too involved in the writing process, and I ended up scripting two books, instead of one. My plan now is to continue work on the second book right after the first one is finished. It’s going to require a small miracle for me to deliver this book on my scheduled September deadline, but after some quick calculations, I do know it is feasible. Be sure to check in to see if I’m still alive in a couple of months.

Flight 3 comes out next week, folks. Be sure to ask your local retailer about having it in stock.  You can read another early review of the book here.

Also, there’s a nice interview with Scott McCloud over at the Webcomics Examiner regarding his new book, Making Comics.  When Scott gave a talk about the contents of this book at last year’s Comic-Con, I was blown away.  Not because of what the book could mean to us as comics creators and readers in an academic sense, but because of the incredibly personal nature of the material.  This is something I wasn’t expecting.  I was getting teary-eyed in the audience when Scott gave the presentation.  If just an ounce of that energy finds its way into the book, I’m sure we’re in for a treat.