Dark Crystal statues

A few weeks ago, our friends Steve Hamaker and Tony Simione drove all the way from Ohio to come visit the West Coast.  Along the way, they stopped here in sunny Alhambra for a few hours. At some point during our conversations, Tony mentioned that he was the co-president of a toy company and that they made Dark Crystal statues among other things. Amy excitedly mentioned what a big fan she was of the film and Tony must have remembered, because last week we received an unexpected package from him and we were completely floored by the box’s contents. We are now the proud owners of some sweeeet Dark Crystal mini-busts! The Uryod statue blew me away!

If you’re reading this Tony, thank you so much for sending these. They’re wonderful, and now we’re trying to figure out how we can ever repay you!

On the Amulet front, I’m very close to completely locking the revised script. Getting back to drawing the pages will be a relief, though I have to admit that I had a very good time tapping away at the word processor. It brought me back to my screenwriting days, and helped me realize how much I’ve grown since then. The problem I had back in college was not that I couldn’t produce a well-written draft, but that I seemed to have very little to say or that I was afraid to be completely honest. I suppose I’m still wrangling with that aspect of being a writer today, but it’s good to see I’m improving over time.

Anyway, I need to get back to work. I also need to try my best to ignore the fun Nintendo DS games being played all around me. A bunch of us bought the new DS Lites, and those things are like little boxes full of time-killing magic. (Pictured below are our friends Jen, Shadi, and Tran)