Copper – “Metropolitan”

While working on the new Copper comic, both Amy and Khang read it and said "hey, I’m Fred, aren’t I?" The truth is I did take into account some of the things they said at some point, but Fred really represented an overall attitude I noticed among a great many people who live here in LA, including myself, on occasion. (Man, I think I have to get better at covering up my sources)…

I had a great time at the Nucleus Workshop. The attendees were great, and I hope everyone was able to glean some helpful information from the presentation. It was especially great having well-known instructor Marshall Vandruff in attendance. We also had a nice chat about work methods over dinner. I always love meeting with passionate teachers. If it weren’t for people like Marshall, Scott McCloud, my film professor Donna Cunningham, and my high school English teacher Donna Blake, I probably wouldn’t be doing what I do now, and for that, I owe them a lot. Great teachers create more teachers, and in the end, isn’t that what a storyteller is?

Okay, it’s back to my insane production schedule, but first I’ll go roll up a sweet Katamari.