Pacing a Graphic Novel

I’m realizing that one of the hardest things about drawing a graphic novel is to understand (and accept) exactly how much work it all entails, especially if you’re writing, pencilling, inking, and painting the pages by yourself. Since there are essentially four major stages in the process, I will need to do about 4 pages a day of any given stage to do the equivalent of at least 1 final page a day, which is less than what I’ll have to do to safely make the June 30th deadline. It’s easy to get overconfident, or deluded, about the amount of work, so tight scheduling can be very helpful…. Unfortunately, I’m not exactly an expert on scheduling, so I’m trying teach myself this kind of discipline, and fast. This is gonna be one heck of a marathon. I’m getting flashbacks to the days of working on Daisy Kutter. That was rough. Anyway, work on Amulet is looking good. Lots of tweaking the story, added a prologue, and recently I’m always worrying that my work is not worthy of being read, much less bought. It’s been a while since I’ve been here. Feels good and terrible all at the same time, but that usually means I’m doing okay.