Amulet 8 and 9

Since the most frequently asked question that I receive is “are you working on Amulet 8?” I figured I should give everyone a definitive answer. Yes. I am currently working on Amulet volumes 8 and 9. They are the final two books in the series, and they will bring the journey of the Hayes family to an end. The 8th book is already shaping up to be the most challenging project I have ever worked on, and I am excited for the opportunity to try and make it one of the best graphic novels ever made. Thank you, readers, for all of your support and patience! Without you this journey would never have been possible, and I want to make sure the final chapters live up to all of your expectations, and hopefully surpass them. For more frequent updates be sure to follow the Bolt City twitter account (@boltcity) where I often post progress updates!

Emerald City ComiCon 2015 Schedule

Below: Kazu’s tentative event schedule for Emerald City ComiCon!


11:00am-Noon – Official ECCC Signing | 6th Floor Exhibit Hall

2:00pm-3:00pm – Comics Dungeon Signing | Table #1708

3:00pm-4:00pm – Official ECCC Signing | 6th Floor Exhibit Hall


11:00am-Noon – Official ECCC Signing | 6th Floor Exhibit Hall

Noon-1:00pm – Comics Dungeon Signing | Table #1708

2:00pm-3:00pm – Official ECCC Signing | 6th Floor Exhibit Hall



10:50am-11:50am – #GRAPHIX10: PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE | Hall E, TCC 303 Panelists: Kazu Kibuishi (Amulet), Mike Maihack (Cleopatra in Space), David Saylor (GRAPHIX Publisher), and Doug TenNapel (Nnewts)

12:15pm-1:15pm – Official ECCC Signing | 6th Floor Exhibit Hall

2:00pm-3:00pm – Comics Dungeon Signing | Table #1708

New Books On The Way!

Hi everyone!  I recently signed a new book deal with Scholastic Graphix. This means that after the completion of the Amulet series with book number nine, I will immediately begin work on an all-new book, something that’s been in development for many years already. Really excited about it!

Working with the team at Scholastic has been the best experience of my professional career, so I am incredibly humbled and honored to be asked to continue making books with them.  Thank you to all the readers, booksellers, teachers, and librarians who have helped make all of this possible. We are going to work hard to make sure every new book is better than the last, and we hope you all have as much fun reading these adventures as we do making them.

Harry Potter 15th Anniversary Box Set

Prisoner of Azkaban

Prisoner of Azkaban

I recently had the honor of illustrating and designing a new set of covers for the Harry Potter 15th Anniversary Box Set Collection! The project took several months of work, but I’m happy with the results. The new artwork is currently being updated at the Scholastic website and other media outlets. You can download high resolution versions of the images here.

The box set will be available in stores this fall.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes video of our studio, showing us in production on the Amulet App. This is what our office typically looks like during production season. Featured in the video are lead production assistant Jason Caffoe, his dog Milo, production intern Zane Yarbrough, programmer/game designer Gordon Luk, comic book artist/writer Amy Kim Kibuishi (who is also my lovely wife), and me, drawing at the table.

The video was shot and directed by Denver Jackson, with music by Shadi Muklashy and Ali Bavarian.

The New Year

Amulet 6 roughs

The first month of 2013 has proven to be a very busy and productive time here at the studio. We have several new, exciting projects in the works, including Amulet Volume 6, a book that is only finally starting to take shape after many rough drafts. Over the years, I learned to accept that the writing process is a bit like aging wine or kneading bread. It takes time and patience to get the best results. As an author, I know these books will likely (in a best case scenario) be with me for a very long time, so I work hard to make sure the books deliver a very memorable reading experience upon publication. And if I do my job correctly, you will want to read the books more than once.

I’m still physically recovering from my illness last summer, and I thank everyone for their concerns and well-wishes. Despite this, we’re back to our regular crazy schedule here, and I feel like I’m currently producing what I believe is my best work. Strangely enough, I think my drawing skills have noticeably improved, or my illness has jolted me awake. Either way, I am happy with the results and with the fact that I’m still improving as I grow older.

Here’s to what I hope is a great 2013. Thanks for supporting us through the years, and we will work hard to continue producing the best stories and art we possibly can. For more regular updates, I recommend checking my twitter @boltcity. Okay, time to get back to work!

Fall Update

Hi everyone! I realized that the only blog we have been properly keeping up with recently has been our Kickstarter page, so I’d like to point you over there to see our recent updates on the progress of the Daisy Kutter Reprint project. In short, we are very close to finishing the shipping for the Kickstarter orders, and will begin shipping all Paypal orders soon afterward. Thanks again for your patience! I still have a few original pieces of art to finish, and we have quite a few international orders to pack up today and tomorrow, but we can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have also been working steadily on revising and refining the early draft of Amulet 6, and also laying the groundwork for short stories that will be featured in Explorer 2 and 3. Just wanted to let people know that we are still hard at work on everything, and that things are rolling here. Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback for the Daisy Kutter books that have been delivered! The feedback is very valuable, helping us get better at fulfilling orders and meeting your expectations.